Thursday, January 7, 2010

LONG BEACH .... I'm Here!!!

OMG - there's NO snow here! It's sunny and in the low 70's; evenings low 50's perhaps. Sat outside for lunch in the sun in tee-shirt and pants .. no socks! I'm in LOVE!!!
The hotel is about 4 blocks from the Convention Center, 1 block away from a Starbucks in the morning, and past all these great places to eat! Busy populated area = quite safe for walking back and forth.

Now .. the hotel! What can I tell you about our hotel room??????

Your stay at the Varden Hotel will be an architectural and design experience.
It's white. It has art deco type lighting. It's clean. The bed is very comfy.

They call this a European Boutique-style hotel. Doesn't boutique bring to mind a small little shop or sort? If so, then they've hit the nail right on the head with calling it 'boutique-style'. No problem really ... we're only here to sleep!

Our room is about 6 feet x 6 feet TOTAL in size!! I do not lie - I do not exaggerate ... when the hotel guy brought my bag up to the room for me upon check in and showed me where the light switches and stuff were, we only stood in one spot and kind of swiveled from the hip to see each area. It's TINY! I've seen rent-a-night rustic cabins that were bigger than this room .. and there's two of us in here! It's really hysterical!

This room picture was taken from just outside the doorway, standing at the entrance. See that blue chair? That's the side wall .. which is exactly 7 of my footsteps from edge of bed regular sized double bed) to that wall (I wear a 7 1/2 shoe). See the mirror behind that blue chair? That's the sliding wall that closes off the bathroom from the bedroom. There are exactly 2 1/4 Deb-footsteps from the end of the bed to that wall. See at far right back? That's a glimpse of the bathroom .. in which the sink is attached SIDEWAYS to the wall (apparently so it won't stick out any further). The shower is about 4 Deb-steps square with wraparound shower curtain. When you wash your face or brush your teeth and go to lean over the sink, you'll crack your forehead on the glass shelf that is 'just' above the faucet. The cool lighted deco mirror is neat ... however, I have to stand on tip toe to see 'me' in it .. thank goodness for that sliding mirrored wall.

There is a drawer beneath the bed for use, as well as a metal rod sticking out of the wall at the doorway that has 8 holes for hangers on it. Small glass shelf where the blue chair is for putting your laptop on. TA DA ... it's a 'postage stamp'! Penny and I laughed for the longest time ... we're still laughing! Why are we staying here? Most of the hotels reserved for the Market Trade Show were booked AND those that weren't were really pricey. Our LITTLE corner of the world is only $120 a night (and split that two ways and you have a bargain!)

First day of meetings went really well ... we all felt that we accomplished quite a bit. I'm looking forward to the beginning of classes tomorrow. This particular Market isn't that geared toward my shops' needleart needs, but I get so much from attending the TNNA Markets!! That's probably ONE of the reasons I'm still in business after all these years, and still going strong despite Michigan's economy. You're with others in your industry - even though they're in a different needleart venue; you gain so much inspiration and gather ideas from others-they're in the same economic pinch as me; and business tips and such ideas abound. The class tomorrow, the weaving class, is being taken 'just for me' and not for my shop .. I'm not bringing weaving in, never fear. It was offered, we had an incentive of take two classes and get one class free...and that's the reason! I learned drop spinning last year, now weaving .. it's all needlearts!!! Where else could I learn something new for relatively 'few bucks' AND in California in the winter to boot?!!

There are so many shops who sit back and won't attend trade shows and whine about how bad business is and some even close their shops. Those shops who attend trade shows are proven statistically to have higher sales year after year and those are the shops that have 'stay-ability'. (is that a word??) You can wait for someone to supply you with the 'magic elixir' that will bring in customers and increase your business .. OR .. you can make that magic potion yourself by actively working to do the same. That's the reason for Trade Shows .. it isn't about just what you can order/purchase for your shop .. it's about the ideas you gain, relationships you build, classes you take, confidence/inspiration/energy you receive that will see you through these times!!

Am I saying that a shop should go to every trade show? Of course not, but I am saying that those who do attend one or better yet, two a year are the ones that will succeed(and no, you can't get THAT experience/inspiration/energy on a computer!)

Penny had another meeting after our all day one and that's why I'm back here in the 'postage stamp' updating you on my day. I'll walk back down to the C.Center in another hour or so and then we'll go off in search of food with some other friends. Super day - See ya later!


Robin said...

Sounds like you are having a good time and not letting the small stuff (like your room) get you down. BTW, the weather sounds dreamy! I'm officially jealous!!!

I've been a customer of yours for a long time and I am glad that you are still in business after all these years.

The Cat Bastet said...

Like Robin, I'm glad you go to shows and are still in business with so much great stuff for us to buy. Thank you!

That tiny room is a hoot. :)

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Deb, Be careful when You turn around in that room !!! LOL Glad you are having a good time..