Sunday, January 24, 2010

Printing N Printing N ...

Printing off page after page of Camp Stitchalot agendas, class brochures, coupon tickets, fee reminder tickets so I can get all of the Camp Packets off in tomorrow's mail. I've only been at this since 10:45am and it's now after 2pm (without a break AND with a screaming sinus headache) and .. I 'think' the end is in sight! Or rather, the 'printer sound' is nearly through!! I need access to a high speed printer that is free. (sigh)

Yesterday had the day off work and spent the whole time with Dave, his daughter in law Sally, and two of his grand kids (Sierra, the attorney and Sam the automotive engineer), and one of Sam's friends. We went to the Detroit Auto Show first. I'd never been to one of those events before. It was fun, not really something I'd die if I couldn't ever do again, but guess it would be something I could cross off my 'bucket list', if I had one. Did find about 4 cars I'd really like to have .. two of the concept cars and at $221,000, a bit out of my price range. LOL What am I saying? I own my own business and Dave is retired from self-employment ... I do NOT have a price range! I have no money! My trusty VUE-hical had better run for the rest of my life!

Then we went to the Plymouth Ice Festival .. where they do all the ice carvings and stuffs. COLD. I was cold, but the sculptures were melting .. it was around 35 degrees out. People! Mass amounts of people! Perhaps more that the amount that were at the Auto Show, and there was enough people there to populate a small country!! I did get lost at the Auto show a couple of times and it was too noisy for Dave to hear his cell phone ringing .. so eventually after standing in one spot slowly rotating (like I was a car on display) in circles, I was found. I kept a death-grip on Dave's coat tail at the Ice Festival.

Then we all went out for pizza afterwards and to warm up, and then it was time to head home. A terrifically fun day was had by all! And I had no problem falling to sleep AND staying asleep last night!

My sister had given Dave a HUGE bag of paperback novels for Christmas .. so I've begun reading some of those INSTEAD of using my Kindle. I had to report all finances to my accountant for tax purposes and in going over my MasterCard statements, was astounded at just HOW much I'd spent on Kindle download books!! Still ahead of the game with my Kindle costs vs new books at a news counter, but still! (don't even let Dave know!!!)

Just finished reading "Plague Ship" by Clive Custler .. one of his Dirk Pitt novels. I like them .. but wonder, since in every novel Dirk Pitt briefly actually meets a guy named Clive Custler, why doesn't he remember meeting CC each time he does? Dirk IS a very intelligent character after all!
And am nearly through with a book by an author my sister introduced me to ... Harlan Coben. It's one of his Myron Bolitar novels. Amusing and not hard to get into but I will have to read a couple more of these, or perhaps even a few from a different series to see if I really like his style or not. Right now it's like the author doesn't have to say anything thoughtful or substantial as long as he has his main character wise-cracking nonstop. In a way, this one reminds me of Paul Levine's Solomon vs. Lord Novels - like "Kill All The Lawyers" ... but THAT one (and the rest in the series) was FANTASTIC!

Printer is through! ta da ... and so am I!

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The Cat Bastet said...

I LOVE Harlan Coben. His Myron series is a lot of fun but be sure to read them in order.

All of this other books are stand-alone thrillers. The common theme is a family in jeopardy and they are so compelling that I don't recommend starting one if you haven anything else to do. Also don't start late at night or you'll be up all night finishing it!